Tec de Monterrey (ITESM)- Mexico, Guadalajara Campus or Monterrey Campus

Tec de Monterrey (ITESM) is one of Mexico's leading Institutions for managerial training. The goals of the institution are to educate students who are committed to the social, economic and political improvement of their communities. Students will be exposed to strategies for national, regional and local development of communities and participation in the process of democratization. With many rich traditions from its past, Monterrey is a blend of Mexican heritage and international influence. NAFTA has positioned Monterrey as a vital financial, cultural and industrial bridge between Mexico and the international community.

If selected to attend ITESM, Schulich students may choose to study at either the Guadalajara or Monterrey Campus.

Guadalajara is the second largest city in Mexico, with an estimated population of six million. It is the capital of the State of Jalisco and the source of some of the best-known Mexican exports: pottery, handcrafted wood furniture, tequila and Mariachi music among others. Downtown Guadalajara has a colonial sector with impressive buildings dating from the time when Mexico belonged to the Spanish Empire. The city also offers a wide range of opportunities for financial and economic growth.

The Guadalajara Campus, founded in 1991 is a 30 - 45 minute bus ride away from most residential neighbourhoods. It has an enrolment of approximately 5000 students including 3000 undergraduates, and 600 graduate students.

Monterrey, the capital of Nueva León, is a city of wonder for nature lovers everywhere. It is the third largest city in Mexico. It is a bustling manufacturing, commercial, banking, and educational center, only 174 miles south of the U.S. border. Commonly known as the business Capital of Mexico for its continued contributions to national development, it was recognized by Fortune magazine (Dec. '99) as the best place to do business in Latin America.

Monterrey Campus, cradle and home of the Monterrey Tech System, has gained international recognition for the high academic standards it has upheld for more than 50 years of education. The campus presently offers an extensive variety of undergraduate and graduate programs with the prestige and leverage of accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Approximate Term Dates
Fall: Early August to Early December
Winter: Early January to Mid-May

Academic Information
Academic programs for exchange students are very flexible and include the following options:
§ regular courses (those designed for students seeking Monterrey degrees) in Spanish
§ regular courses (those designed for students seeking Monterrey degrees) in English
§ courses designed specially for international students in English and Spanish
Students may choose a combination of courses from any of the three options depending on the student's Spanish proficiency. The size of the class will generally vary depending on the instructor, schedule and type of course. However, on average classes seldom exceed 50 students. There are usually a lot of class discussions and group projects.

Credit Equivalency
15 ITESM credits = 15 SSB credits
3 ITESM credits is equivalent to 8 ITESM units. Therefore, 40 units is equivalent to 15 SSB credits.

Spanish and English

Computer Facilities
The University has several computer centers, which are available for student use. The labs are fully equipped with the latest in English and Spanish software, and is set up for network Internet access.

Type/Availability of Accommodation
Both Guadalajara and Monterrey campuses offer residence hall facilities as well as host family housing. Guesthouses and apartments are alternatives that may be more appropriate for specific lifestyles or budgets.

§ Host family: the university carefully screens host families and takes your preference into consideration. The fee includes a shared room, three meals a day (Monday to Sunday), housekeeping, laundry and utilities.

§ Residence Hall: this includes living and interacting with Mexican students and other international countries. There are common laundry and cooking facilities (meal plans are not offered) available on-site.

§ Off Campus: there are an abundance of homes and apartments for rent surrounding the university. To find the best suitable accommodation, it is recommended to arrive at least one week in advance of Orientation. The International Programs Office provides information, evaluation and assistance about off-campus housing upon request.

Health Insurance
ITESM requires that all students have comprehensive health coverage before the start of the exchange term. It is imperative to bring proof of insurance with you on your exchange. Students may purchase health insurance upon arrival at Orientation. This policy is valid from the first day of classes, however, it is recommended for students to purchase their own health coverage before classes begin.

Cost of living
(Exchange Rate Link http://www.bank-banque-canada.ca/english/exchform.htm)

For visa information, please contact:

Consulate General of Mexico in Toronto
Commerce Court West
199 Bay Street, suite 4440
Toronto, Ontario, M5L 1E9
Tel: (416) 368-2875
Fax: (416) 368-8342
Web site: http://www.consulmex.com/eng/visasandconsularservices.asp

Further Research
The official Web site for Tec de Monterrey is:


*For more information about ITESM, please visit the Resource Library in Room W263.